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Touch n Glow offers full range of waxing and threading services. We are located in Chantilly Virginia, which is only few miles from Reston, Ashburn, tyson corner, centerville, chantilly, sterling and south riding. We are also very much reachable from Washington DC and Maryland.

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Eyebrow Threading
Upper lips Threading
Full Arm Waxing
Half Arm Waxing
Full Leg Waxing
Half leg Waxing
Under Arm Waxing
Full Face Wax
Chin Waxing
Shahnaz Herbal Facial
Shahnaz Gold/Pearl Facial
Face Cleanup
Hair Heena
Hair Color
Hair Massage
Hair Spa
Back Waxing
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  Threading, an ancient Indian hair removal process has been a celebrity secret for the past few years and is now becoming popular beyond the boundaries of New York City and Los Angeles.
A beautician holds the end of a thread in her mouth and then uses both hands to make it taut. She quickly winds the strand around individual hairs, like a lasso, twisting and pulling them out of their follicles by the root.
  More painful
Waxing is found to be more painful than threading. Since threading only targets the individual hairs, skin irritation is kept to a minimum, unlike waxing, which often causes unnecessary stretching and removal of the skin’s delicate top layers.
No Perfection
Treading is very precise and allows to have a greater control than waxing, resulting in a better brow shape for you!
Not Natural
Threading is 100% natural, there are no artificial waxes, chemicals, or invasive techniques used.
The majority of people that breakout from waxing tend to not break out from threading. Also, threading is completely safe and dermatologist-recommended for individuals who are currently using medications like Accutane and Retin-A.
Harmful for skin
Warning: waxing can tug, pull, stretch, and even remove the delicate skin on your face, eventually facilitating in the development of wrinkles! But there is good news, threading does none of this! So instead of torturing yourself with waxing, choose threading which will leave you hairless and smooth!
Less safe
Threading is better for your skin. When you wax you not only pull the hair but also pull on the skin which is very delicate and after a while it will become saggy
Redness and no proper shape
Unlike threading, waxing makes your eye area red afterwards (for a longer period of time)and its painful. Also, the shaping is not as accurate as threading is.
Call 571-335-3123 for Appointment. Service Address: 3803 Louise Ave, Chantilly VA 20151