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Touch n Glow offers full range of waxing and threading services. We are located in Chantilly Virginia, which is only few miles from Reston, Ashburn, tyson corner, centerville, chantilly, sterling and south riding. We are also very much reachable from Washington DC and Maryland.

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Eyebrow Threading
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Full Arm Waxing
Half Arm Waxing
Full Leg Waxing
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Under Arm Waxing
Full Face Wax
Chin Waxing
Shahnaz Herbal Facial
Shahnaz Gold/Pearl Facial
Face Cleanup
Hair Heena
Hair Color
Hair Massage
Hair Spa
Back Waxing
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Indian Henna is known around the world for its color, quality and fragrance in fact Henna (mehndi) is also responsible for introducing India to the world. Adorning henna on body is an integral part of any India occasion be it a festival like Teej, Diwali, Holi and marriages of course. Henna also posses medicated characteristics and hence it is being used since ancient India.


Q. I am 30 yrs old and getting lots of Dandruff mostly in the winter months, the flakes keeps falling off. Please help.

A.You ought to be very careful as dandruff is dangerous and can lead to hair fall. A good diet is important and you should take a lot of water, salads, fresh fruits, milk products like ghee, butter, curd etc. and fit in a regular exercise program into your schedule. Oil your hair with pure warm coconut oil and apply juice of half a lemon onto the scalp.

Q. I am studying for my board exams. I have been losing a lot of hair recently .I apply oil to my hair weekly and have used different shampoos. Please help as I am very tensed of this.

A. First of all don't be tensed as this will make thing worse. Start using hot oil followed by turban therapy. Also use the henna help to prompted hair growth. Pay attention to the dairy products, green vegetables etc. Also use a good herbal shampoo and avoid frequent changing of shampoo.

Q. I am 20 and have already started graying. Does it mean that I am growing old? I do not want to start dying my hair from such an early age. Please advise.

A. You are definitely not growing old. The main problem can be due to number of reasons like heredity, stress, and tension. start applying henna to your hair every week. You can make the following oil at home. Burn one cup of amla in an iron vessel until it totally ashens. Leave to cool and then grind finely. Now mix this with your hair oil. Apply this to your hair roots least twice a week followed by a hot towel wrap.

Q. I am 24 and suffer from split ends. Since I suffer from sinusitis, I cannot use heena, amla etc. because of the cooling effect of these packs. Please suggest.

A. Oil your hair with a combination of almond oil and castor oil mixed and warm together. After this, use turban therapy on the scalp, that will help penetrate the oil well into the roots. And make a safe pack with the followings - two tsp reetha powder and two tsp amla powder mixed together with milk and two tsp pure honey and wrap the hair in a turban. Leave this on for about 30 mins and shampoo off with a mild shampoo.

Q. Please tell me the way to apply henna to the hairs?

A. Henna is used to give hair the shine, body and of course colour. Mix together, half a cup of amla with red oak bark that has been boiled for about fifteen minutes in a glass of water. To this add two tsp of tea and add this boiled mixture to the henna. Add two eggs and apply all over the hair right from the tip to the root area to the end of the strands.

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